Cely Maria Dias

Cely is a renowned instructor and trainer that has helped clients the world over, get fit and lose weight. With her unique approach to fitness, her specialized training style will maximize the results for her clients and students. She doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to health and fitness. Dias understands everyone has specified needs when it comes to their body and health goals.

Dias has coached clients, one-on-one, conducted classes for corporations, and led successful group classes independently and through studios. She has also presented at numerous festivals and conferences. Her training specialties includes but not limited to, weight loss, balance and stability, injury prevention, muscle toning and definition, endurance, and hypertrophy resistance training.

As a proud native of Brazil, Dias has made a name for herself as one of the most sought after Zumba teachers. Her classes are authentic and unique in a sense that she combines dances from her native country while incorporating other culture dance techniques along with specified fitness moves that will help the body have top results when it comes to defining, toning, and weight loss. Trained as a dancer, and understanding the culture and movement from Latin America and the diaspora, Dias also teaches Samba, Salsa, Batcha, and more.

With success in the fitness industry, Dias also created a successful sport fashion brand called Maceiosol. Combining her passion for fitness and fashion she runs her line of comfortable, trendy, and functional fitness apparel that is imported from Brazil.

Singlehandedly, she is changing the look of fitness, fashion, and positively changing the lives of many.



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